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3rd Edition

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3rd Edition
The Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Forum 2023

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and Heavy-Duty Industries (HDV) are on a mission to engineer a more sustainable future for us all and are looking for smooth and cost-effective transition solutions while meeting its customers’ demands for value, innovation, and performance. The need for OEMs and Engines Manufacturing companies to adapt to these changes, embrace new technology and co-operate with business peers has never been greater.


With the predicted investment in clean power, zero-emission vehicles, and sustainable manufacturing, the need for companies to tackle these issues head-on is imperative. Countries around the world are setting out plans to reduce emissions in those sectors. 

The Main Topics 

Bringing sustainability on supply chain, manufacturing, and lifetime operations

improving time-to-market quickly move vehicles from concept to production


Achieving hydraulic system efficiency in electric-powered heavy equipment

improve efficiency and leverage smart power management by utilizing innovative electric architecture


Hydrogen as a Fuel

Pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells: Engine Manufacturers and OEM’s view 


Diesel Engines

Innovative diesel engine concepts

Exhaust Aftertreatment Solutions for Various NRMM Sectors


How Recent Regulations Shape the Future of NRMM

Ever-Evolving Regulatory Factors Affecting the Industry


Sustainable  Electrification & Battery Technologies

Latest Electrification Projects Within the Off-Highway Industry


Hybrid Electric Non-Road Mobile Machinery

The Main R&D Drivers of NRMM Electrification and Hybridization


Alternative Fuel Solutions

Fuel Technologies That Can Make an Immediate Difference


Smart Solutions for Innovative NRMM - Securing Green Future

Innovations and Technologies that Future NRMM Industry Have to Adopt

Special Thanks to Our Previous Sponsors

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Proventia is an international technology company, which helps customers to develop products that help to save the environment and people´s health by improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. We develop, design, and manufacture innovative and high-quality powertrain systems and components, including exhaust aftertreatment systems and hybrid batteries for non-road machines. 

Proventia excels in agile engineering and testing services. Our key competencies include intelligent control systems and compact, modular design, SCR and AdBlue® mixing expertise combined to knowhow of NRMM hybrid systems and high-power batteries. Proventia has a proven track record of EAT system development and integration for the leading OEMs in Europe and Asia

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Bronze Sponsor

Modular Battery Systems

ELEO has been founded in 2017 as a spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology, where its founding members developed a revolutionary electric motorcycle to travel around the world in 80 days. After its foundation, ELEO has been devoted to the mission of making high-performance batteries available to a wide range of industrial applications. To this end, ELEO developed a range of modular battery solutions with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and exceptional thermal management that bring significant benefits to the performance, safety, and lifetime of electric applications, while the unique modular concept makes it very cost-effective, even for small to medium-sized series. ELEO is located at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, The Netherlands.

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Pre-Conference Podcast series

Podcast Guest: Nico Münch from Webasto Group Battery Systems  [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]
Podcast Guest: Nico Münch from Webasto Group Battery Systems  [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

Podcast Guest: Nico Münch from Webasto Group Battery Systems [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

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Pre conference podcast on Green NRMM Forum: Guest speaker Parker

Pre conference podcast on Green NRMM Forum: Guest speaker Parker

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Podcast Guest: Thomas Bayer from Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

Podcast Guest: Thomas Bayer from Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

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Podcast Guest: Giacomo Fiocchi from Carraro S.p.a. [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

Podcast Guest: Giacomo Fiocchi from Carraro S.p.a. [the Green NRMM Forum 2021]

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Meet some of our previous speakers

Selin Aria Tur

Vice President

Advanced Technologies and Innovations

CNH Industrial N.V


Electrification and Alternative Fuels.


Selin Aria Tur is a MSc. degree electrical engineer working for CNH Industrial as their Vice President of Advanced Technologies and Innovations.


She has spent over 20 years of her professional career in developing electric/electrified vehicle powertrains, components and systems for passenger and motorsport racing cars including Formula 1 and Formula E working for Williams Advanced Engineering, Mercedes HPP and AVL.


Moving into commercial vehicle segment in 2018, her focus has been electrification of on-highway and off-highway vehicles for the first few years. In her current role, she leads overall technology development teams working on agricultural and construction vehicles.


Selin Profile.jpg


   South Korea

DocKoon Yoo photo.png.jpg

Dr. DocKoon Yoo

General Manager,

Advanced Engine Technology & Hybrid Powertrain Development

Hyundai Doosan Infracore

hyundai - doosan.png

Dr.DocKoon Yoo
General Manager, Advanced Engine
Technology & Hybrid Powertrain Development
Doosan Infracor


“Technology of Hybrid Powertrain for Off-road Machinery for the Next Emission Regulation in Doosan Infracore”


Dr. Syeda Fatima Ghousia

Electrical Engineering Lead

Sandvik Mining &
Rock Solutions


Dr. Fatima is an Electrical Engineering Lead working on the electrification of Sandvik rotary blasthole drills for surface mine.


  • She is interested is designing a zero-emission drill rigs for environment with energy -efficient green energy sources.


  • She completed her PhD in Electrical Power Engineering at Charge labs, University of Windsor, Canada for electrified transportation.   


  • She joined mining Industry in 2013 for ultra-class mining haul trucks design for fuel-efficiency and trolley-assist operations at Liebherr and Komatsu. 


Journey from Hydraulic motors to Electric Motors for Hybrid  Electrification for Green NRMM


Dr. Syeda Fatima Ghousia.png




Francois Jaussi

Head of Department
Diesel Engines

Liebherr Machines Bulle SA


François Jaussi finished the University of Applied Science, Geneva in 1979 as “Ingénieur diplomé ETS en genie mécanique”. 
He started his career as an R&D engineer for Comprex-Supercharger at BBC in Baden before he joined LIEBHERR in 1986 and took in the Diesel Engines Factory in Bulle the responsibility for the R&D department.
From 2006  to the end of 2008 he is working as an independent consultant for IC-Engines & Engines Emissions.
F. Jaussi joined LIEBHERR in 2009 and was leading the product management for Diesel engines and hydraulics.
Since the beginning of 2014, François Jaussi took over the responsibility “Sales  Director Diesel Engines VU”.






Mark Preston Aragonès

Policy Advisor

Bellona Europa


Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex and a MSc in Climate Change, Development and Policy from the Institute of Development Studies. At Bellona Europa, he works on zero emission mobility and negative emissions.


All that the NRMM regulation isn’t and what it could be


Chris Perry

Managing Director

Timberwolf Ltd


The Key Challenges Preventing NRMMIndustry from Switching to Alternative Fuels


Chris completed his degree in Materials Science and Engineering before joining BAE Systems. Moving on as Technical Manager and subsequently, General Manager, in a precision forgings manufacturer for the medical. aerospace, defense, and commercial markets, a shift into manufacturing consultancy followed. 

Joining PA Consulting Group in 2006 afforded Chris the rare opportunity to experience a range of manufacturing settings and drive real improvements within them. Although Chris’s interest in innovation was already sparked, moving to PERA in 2012 cemented his commitment to improvement and positive change through manufacturing processes and strategy.   

In 2014, Chris joined Timberwolf UK as Managing Director and, through his leadership, has committed to improving sustainability and the impact of the business and its products in the community and market.  
Acquired by the Alamo Group in 2020, Timberwolf UK will see the launch of a hybrid wood chipper – Chris’s journey to remove emissions from the industry has truly begun.




Gold Sponsor

Dr. Toni Kinnunen

Senior Manager
Emission Control

Proventia Oy


Sustainability in the off-highway industry – non-road mobile machine electrification case study

Technology related to NRMM electrification has been research topic in science for a long time. Companies have been developing proof of concepts and prototypes. Today many OEMs are moving towards electrification in serial produced machines. Technology has to bring clear benefits in operator experience, CO2 reduction, productivity, safety and total cost of ownership for customers. This case study includes simulation based technology development of 200 kW power class hybrid-electric Non-Road Mobile Machine NRMM considering sustainability on supply chain, manufacturing and lifetime operations.


TONI KINNUNEN, Ph.D. Docent in Environmental Technology

Senior Manager, Emission Control

Dr. Toni Kinnunen serves as Senior Manager of Emission Control at Proventia. He is in charge of key accounts and business development activities for Proventia's NRMM OE clients.
Dr. Kinnunen has nearly 20 years of experience on development of emission control technologies and tailoring customer applications on various roles and responsibilities in R&D and sales. Prior joining Proventia Dr. Kinnunen held various positions at Ecocat and Dinex. He has long experience in direct collaboration with several OE NRMM companies in the field of emission reduction technology development.
Toni received a doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Joensuu, Finland in 2002. Dr. Kinnunen has been an author for about 40 refereed scientific articles and has given tens of conference presentations in the field of emission purification and catalysis during the latest years



Toni Kinnunen.jpg


Bronze Sponsor

the Netherlands


Marc Blindenbach 

Business Development Manager

ELEO Technologies B.V.

2021_ELEO-Logo_RGB-onLight +payoff.png

Marc Blindenbach
Business Development Manager

ELEO Technologies B.V.

Marc Blindenbach is responsible for ELEO’s business development efforts in the NRMM and eMobility markets. He studied Business Administration at the University of Maastricht and then proceeded to work in a major, differentiated chemical company in increasingly senior roles innovating products and processes. Marc joined ELEO towards the end of 2020 for the opportunity to work with machine producers on more sustainable products and to help scale up ELEO. He attracted the first battery project for a major, global OEM for the company.


Battery approaches to electrification

As the NRMM market contains many different types of machines in different environments with a wide range of energy and power requirements, there is no one size fits all approach to making the industry greener.

Different market segments require different solutions today and tomorrow and as such four existing battery approaches to eliminating or reducing emissions will be presented.


Presenting Partner

Johann Mathä

Manager E-Mobility



Mobile machineries and heavy duty vehicles often utilize multiple electric motors. This architecture results in power and efficiency tests to be particularly challenging. This also has an impact on measurement technology. It becomes particularly clear when analyzing the electrical power in performant heavy duty power trains. The electrical power measurement is the starting point for all further analyses, for example the recording of efficiency or the energy consumption measurements during test cycles.
These complex power measurement tasks must be carried out with a high-voltage-safe E-Mobility Measurement System and a high sampling rate. At the heart of the E-Mobility Measurement System, the electrical power values must be calculated in real time. By attending this presentation, the audience will learn what challenges can be mastered with the help of innovative measurement technology.



Johann Mathä received his diploma degree in electrical and information technology engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany. Until 2002 he was appointed as Network Strategy Director for optical network tester at Acterna. In 2005 he joined Yokogawa as Marketing Manager for test & measurement. 2019 he became Manger E-Mobility at CSM GmbH.




3rd Edition