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3rd Edition

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3rd Edition
The Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Forum 2023

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and Heavy-Duty Industries (HDV) are on a mission to engineer a more sustainable future for us all and are looking for smooth and cost-effective transition solutions while meeting its customers’ demands for value, innovation, and performance. The need for OEMs and Engines Manufacturing companies to adapt to these changes, embrace new technology and co-operate with business peers has never been greater.


With the predicted investment in clean power, zero-emission vehicles, and sustainable manufacturing, the need for companies to tackle these issues head-on is imperative. Countries around the world are setting out plans to reduce emissions in those sectors. 

The Main Topics 

Bringing sustainability on supply chain, manufacturing, and lifetime operations

improving time-to-market quickly move vehicles from concept to production


Achieving hydraulic system efficiency in electric-powered heavy equipment

improve efficiency and leverage smart power management by utilizing innovative electric architecture


Hydrogen as a Fuel

Pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells: Engine Manufacturers and OEM’s view 


Diesel Engines

Innovative diesel engine concepts

Exhaust Aftertreatment Solutions for Various NRMM Sectors


How Recent Regulations Shape the Future of NRMM

Ever-Evolving Regulatory Factors Affecting the Industry


Sustainable  Electrification & Battery Technologies

Latest Electrification Projects Within the Off-Highway Industry


Hybrid Electric Non-Road Mobile Machinery

The Main R&D Drivers of NRMM Electrification and Hybridization


Alternative Fuel Solutions

Fuel Technologies That Can Make an Immediate Difference


Smart Solutions for Innovative NRMM - Securing Green Future

Innovations and Technologies that Future NRMM Industry Have to Adopt

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Proventia is an international technology company, which helps customers to develop products that help to save the environment and people´s health by improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. We develop, design, and manufacture innovative and high-quality powertrain systems and components, including exhaust aftertreatment systems and hybrid batteries for non-road machines. 

Proventia excels in agile engineering and testing services. Our key competencies include intelligent control systems and compact, modular design, SCR and AdBlue® mixing expertise combined to knowhow of NRMM hybrid systems and high-power batteries. Proventia has a proven track record of EAT system development and integration for the leading OEMs in Europe and Asia

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Modular Battery Systems

ELEO has been founded in 2017 as a spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology, where its founding members developed a revolutionary electric motorcycle to travel around the world in 80 days. After its foundation, ELEO has been devoted to the mission of making high-performance batteries available to a wide range of industrial applications. To this end, ELEO developed a range of modular battery solutions with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and exceptional thermal management that bring significant benefits to the performance, safety, and lifetime of electric applications, while the unique modular concept makes it very cost-effective, even for small to medium-sized series. ELEO is located at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, The Netherlands.

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