07-08 October, 2021  |   Virtual Conference



The Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Forum 2021 

will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the development of zero-emissions products and changing the way our world runs, supporting the mission to engineer a more sustainable future for us all. The presentations, case studies, and panel discussions will share the painfully learned lessons on that journey and case studies of projects in which they were discovered, utilizing the world’s most advanced industry leaders. 

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) industry is on a mission to engineer a more sustainable future for us all and is looking for a smooth and cost-effective transition to Stage V while meeting its customers’ demands for value, innovation, and performance. 

The Main Topics 

Global Trends & Opportunities in the NRMM Industry

  • The Impact of Innovation and Technology on the Future of Global NRMM Business

  • Collaboration Between Different Sectors to Make the NRMM Industry Greener

  • Future Outlook on the NRMM Industry

How Recent Regulations Shape the Future of NRMM 

  • Certifications Needed to Enable Operations

  • Environmental Regulations, New Policies, and Requirements

  • Reasons to Encourage Green NRRM

  • The Importance of Regulatory Compliance

  • Ever-Evolving Regulatory Factors Affecting the Industry

  • Consequences and implication on the OEMs’ with

  • Engine and Battery manufacturers’ sides

Electrification & Battery Technologies

  • Latest Electrification Projects Within the Off-Highway Industry

  • Electrification Solutions & Battery technologies

  • Latest Developments in Battery Safety, Reliability 

  • The Overlook on Advanced Hydraulics Technology

Hybrid Electric Non-Road Mobile Machinery

  • Explore the Potential of Hybrid Powertrains in Different NRMM Sectors

  • Key Factors That Hinder the Hybrid Technologies Development 

  • Learn On-Road Technologies to Improve Off-Road Hybrid Performance

  • The Main R&D Drivers of NRMM Electrification and Hybridization 

Exhaust Aftertreatment Solutions 

  • Technologies for Compact, Highly Efficient Exhaust Aftertreatment

  • Highly Integrated and Space-Efficient Catalyst Solutions

  • Exhaust Aftertreatment Solutions for Various NRMM Sectors

  • An Overview from OEM Manufacturers’ Perspective 

Alternative Fuel Solutions

  • What are the Fuel Solutions That Can Bring the NRMM Sector to a Net-Zero Emission Future and stay cost-effective?

  • Fuel Technologies That Can Make an Immediate Difference

  • The Key Challenges Preventing NRMM Industry from Switching to Alternative Fuels 

  • Explore the Most Promising Innovations in The Alternative Fuels 

  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Efficient Fuel Cell

Smart Solutions for Innovative NRMM - Securing Green Future

  • Innovations and Technologies that Future NRMM Industry Have to Adopt

  • The Key Challenges Preventing Users from Switching to Cleaner Technologies

  • Safety of the Fleet and Its Operators

  • Synchronize the Environmental and Economic Sustainability 

  • Automatization of NRMM Operations

  • Software Engineering 

  • Safety, Security and Environment Protection

  • Future Outlook on the NRMM Industry

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